Welcome Template:USERNAME to the Gen. Of Peace page.The Gen. of Peace is a Guild Founded on October 25 2010, dedicated to maintain peace in the Caribbean, and keeping the Forces of the EITC, Navy and Jolly Roger at Bay. Its led by General Lawrence Daggerpaine, and you can find the guild on Cortevos. File:Gen. O Peace Sign.jpg


The Gen. of Peace started out by being the Generals of Peace, founded by Red. The Generals of Peace merged with the Chetik Union. When Red left, his second in command, Lawrence Daggerpaine, went and rebuilt the guild, now named the Gen. Of Peace. The new Generals Of Peace, the Gen. Of Peace, was founded on October 25, 2010. The new goal of the Gen. Of Peace is to make all of the Caribbean peaceful once more. It currently has 260 members. The offical sword of the Gen. Of Peace is the General's Broadsword and the Peace Keeper Blade. It's HQ is located on Peace Island. Also, the guild took the Head Stone and plays a big part in the Peace Island Quest.

Ranking SystemEdit

  1. Guildmaster
  2. Top Officers
  3. Officers
  4. Veterans
  5. Members

Main Members:Edit



Lawrence Daggerpaine

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Head Officers:Edit

Michael (Head of Spies)

Kat Walnutstone (Head of Voodoo)

Bill Plunderbones (Head of the Mirum Division)

Bounty Hunter Bill (Head of Security)

Other Important membersEdit

The Light


Last Desperado ( Lawrence's Secretary)

Rose Sharkwrecker


Lawless ( wife of Bounty Hunter Bill)

Jack Warskull

Jay Brightsun

Davy O Skull

Jack Edgerat

Johnny Darkmorigan

Capt. Lannon (Head of Military)


Join Today!Edit

Think your Savvy enough to join this guild? All you need to do is leave your Current guild if you haven't already. Then go Cortevos Server, and find a member of the guild. Tell them who you are, like on wiki, and they should put you in. Put this userbox of you page after:{{Gen. Of Peace}} Template:Gen. Of Peace



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Our Anthem and Battle Songs.Edit

File:At Worlds End Extended Score - 17. Maelstrom (version 1)
File:Gen. Of Peace Sailor Song
File:At Worlds End Extened Score - 22. Maelstrom (version 2)
File:Gen. Of Peace - One Year Aniversary
File:Hoist The Colours Full song(Lyrics)
File:City of Ember soundtrk -20- Water Wheel